When I started cooking in the 70s the ultimate menus contained continental cuisine.We now take this for granted Italian food like you enjoyed in rome recently available locally not a problem the chef may be from there or al least have enough passion to have travelled there and experienced the food first hand.In my first brush with this new food I was being educated mostly by those who had not travelled had no affinity and in some cases did not care.
the results were in hindsight atrocious Bolognese sauce that would have you flogged in italy,and so many other poorly executed dishes its no wonder people went abroad for holiday and to enjoy the food.
I was Lucky as we had a Spanish chef who loved food and took me under his wing and ever since I have had an affinity with Spanish food.
    A quick supper at dining's in Marylebone with friends, really enjoyed it the Chef has thought hard about the food We decided to ask for omekase and let the chef sort out the choices we did leave feeling hungry but I am not adverse to a 750 grm steak every so often,so perhaps I am not a good judge of what is adequate.
    When I booked I was told that they needed the table back @7.45
    The only downside was the speed that we had to exit I arrived at 6 and we were told they needed the table back by 7.45 my friends arrived 20 mins later due to tube closures. I was reminded three times throughout the meal that we had to leave at 7.45 not always in a direct manner they did at leasttry to be as discreet as possible.
    It did however finally take the edge of what was turning out to be a good evening. When the last mouthful of macha creme Brulee touched my lips the bill was delivered, I was informed that the next customers were waiting upstairs.
    its worth the visit for the food but I suggest booking for the second sitting.

    Our recent poor culinary heritage is blamed on rationing and the war, its taken its toll on the british in culinary terms.1940-1954
    The strangulation of the supply of produce during those times helped us forget the good times.
    sausages with little pork!(somethings never change) other highlights incuded Woolton pie named after the first minister for food, a meat free pie filled with parsnips and other veg thickened vegetable water seasoned with spring onion and topped with potato pastry and coated with cheese if you were lucky.
    fourteen years is a long time to be deprived of the things you like to eat and a generation grew up with these eating habits and it no doubt had a formative effect.
    Now of course we are bombarded with food and associated culture.
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